Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last weekend

Once a year in Madrid, there is a night called La Noche en blanco, or the Night in White, where the major streets are shut down to traffic, art vendors and musicians flood the streets and the restaurants and some shops stay open all night.  The streets were packed with people.  One of the coolest things I saw was a five story house/complex that had a whitewashed wall.  A video was being projected onto the entire side of the complex and showed little mini movies of what the people in each room was doing. 

 The photos came out yellow, but all the balloons were white and the whole of Plaza Mayor was brightly lit.

There were bands and mini parades all over the place.

This was lunch the next day with some friends outside of The Rastro - Madrid's Sunday Market

Fellow TEFLer Cassidy

And Johanna

The shrimp were actual little shrimps - legs, heads, shells and all.  I asked, "how do you eat this?"  Cassidy replied, "well you start by pinching off the head..."  I have to admit, I was really grossed out.  I mean, the head really did just ooze off with a little pinching pressure.  I didn't eat very many.


  1. did you eat the head?? its the most delicious thing and if you didn't eat it you should have of sucked on it! it has great juices inside... please do not take this with a sexual context I am writing this with a straight face:)

  2. Is it horrble? What does it taste like?