Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Alhambra

A 1,200 year old Moorish palace/fort.  It deserves its own post because it was (and still is) just that amazing.

View from Alhambra's Garden looking out across Granada

Inside the "Architect's Garden".  Massive walls of hedges with arches cut through them.  They might as well have hung up paintings because the arches framed every view so beautifully.

Vibrant roses in full bloom all over the place.

It took forever to snap this shot.  I have about 14 more with random people stepping in front of the arch or popping up from below to take their own photos.  Good thing we were here at the end of the tourist season or I wouldn't have hardly any visitor-free photos at all.

Moving to the Palace

More gorgeous fountains and long wait to get a shot free of other bobbing heads.

Incredible intricacy

Flowers in full bloom everywhere

Not only is Alhambra beautiful, but if offered some of the best and most interesting views of Granada as well.

Just past the palace is the remains of a fortress as well.

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